Mobile Application Development

Android Applications

Android is growing fast as a platform and so is the demand for Android app development.Aatma IT solutions has been one of the early starters in the realm of Android development and has one of the best android development teams. Our experienced app marketing team will create a bespoke app marketing strategy to suit your app and its target audience.
We are specialized in developing and designing cutting-edge apps for Android devices. Whether it’s a magazine, book or website, we will help you reach the right audience with well structured, strong interface design.
Android is unique in the sense that it does not differentiate between the phones core applications and applications developed by a third party. Thus, Android is able to provide a wide area of applications like communication, multimedia, travel, internet.
Our Android application development team has a complete understanding of the Android SDK, framework and API’s, which places us in the perfect position to develop robust applications. Our android app developers have total knowledge of android as a platform and their knowledge in android app development allows us to make high-quality applications that are work of pure creative brilliance.

IOS Applications

We provide app development services across all Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad, as well as web and desktop.

We can help you with the benefits of iPhone apps development by creating engaging and interactive applications. We have the right processes and skill sets available to deliver customized iPhone apps. Our team of experts work with you every step of the way to ensure a quality product to meet your requirements in order to get your application in the apple app store as early as possible.

We work closely with clients to design and build powerful iPhone apps with amazing interfaces. We can provide on-demand capacity to help meet both your internal goals and promises to the marketplace.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

A Hybrid Mobile application is a mobile app built using a common web code wrapped inside different native containers for specific mobile platforms. HTML code written once can easily be packaged into iOS app, Android app or a Blackberry/Windows app, this app is generally called a Hybrid App.

Hybrid App Development has become the best and easiest method to develop & launch a mobile app easily to the market which just needs to be there for a very small time. For Example: If you have an event for which your attendees need to be distributed some important information or updates, it can be done by creating a Hybrid Mobile App in just a couple of days or in fact a couple of hours possibly.
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